Frequently Asked Questions

What were the adult actors like?

I go into this in detail in "Forever Liesl", but suffice it to say, they were consummate pros, and it was an honor to work with each one of them, from Julie to Christopher, and Peggy Wood to Richard Haydn. When we weren't working, I got to know Chris Plummer the best, and he was tremendous fun.

Did Nicholas Hammond portray "Spiderman"?

Yes, that's him in those tights - and both my daughters had crushes on him when they were growing up...

Was there another film about the von Trapp family before "The Sound of Music"?

Yes, there was, although I've never seen it. "Die Trapp Family" was made in the mid 50's, and was the most successful film in West Germany during that decade. There was also a sequel that was made. I talk about these films in "Forever Liesl" in the chapter called 'The Ambassador'.

What happened to Rolf?

"Rolf" was portrayed by Dan Truhitte, and he kept on singing and dancing! There's an entire chapter on Dan in my book which tells what he's been doing in the years since we made "Music" together.

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