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Released in the spring of 2012. Through personal photographs, memorabilia, and home movies, the actors who starred as the von Trapp children, tell their inside story of making the beloved film The Sound of Music. Purchase our Limited Edition book signed by the 7 cast members:


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Non autographed version available at

Non autographed version available at

Letters to Liesl

Released in the spring of 2001, "Letters to Liesl", my second book with Jean Strauss, tells of the unending impact of "The Sound of Music" and was inspired by mail I've received from thousands of fans during the past year. Full of touching stories and humorous insights from lovers of the film around the world, "Letters" also allows me to reminisce more about those 'halcyon' days in 1964 when we were making the movie, as well as reflect upon the recent reunion of all seven of us "kids" in Salzburg.

I have recently been informed that "Letters to Liesl" is out of print from the
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Forever Liesl

In 1998, while at an event at the Hollywood Bowl, I met an author named Jean Strauss. She asked if I would consider sharing my memories of making the film. So, with the blessing of Nicholas Hammond, Christopher Plummer, screenwriter Ernest Lehman, and director Robert Wise, along with many other friends from the cast and crew, I put on paper my remembrances of that time. The resulting book, "Forever Liesl: A Memoir of The Sound of Music", was published by Viking in February 2000, the 35th anniversary of the film. Not only does it include many heretofore untold stories about our days making the film, it also includes the heartwarming stories of twenty-four fans, who were touched by the film in remarkable ways. The paperback was released from Penguin in April of 2001.

In November of 2000, Macmillan released the UK paperback version of "Forever Liesl" in the Commonwealth. The text is exactly the same as Viking's American version, with the major difference being that all the photographs are in a center insert rather than individually at the start of chapters.

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